Advisory Services

The plus points (Benefits) are

  • Customers can pay Rs 1000, and can be assisted on any type of loan requirement by our expert team.
  • Useful for customers who are highly leveraged and further eligibility is an issue
  • Useful for customers who does not have good credit history

To make you acquainted with other few points to understand the product, we have indicated the following which will definitely help you.

1 – Loans

  • If you have exhausted your loan eligibility against your income and still looking for more loan, MFB experts will help you.
  • If you have any property which is already mortgaged, and still looking for loan in absence of further collateral to expand your business, MFB expert advisors will help you.
  • Loan enhancement on already mortgaged property.

2 – Credit Improvement Services

  • We can help you improve your business credit rating from CRISIL. CARE etc , which will help you get more credit facilities at better rate for your business.
  • If you are facing issue of bad credit history due to credit card non-payment or delayed payment in any sort of loan, we can help you improve your individual credit history to get loans in future.

3 – Debt Restructuring

  • if you have availed more numbers of loans from various banks, paying EMIs on different days and running fear of missing EMI dates, we can help you restructure your numbers of loans in to one single loans and set you free from all worries.
  • We will consolidate your all loans in to one loan and can help you free your properties or get more loan amount on same property.


Q. I have a property which is already mortgaged, can I get another loan to expand my business?

Ans. Yes, the MFB expert team will assist you regarding the loan enhancement on an already mortgaged property.

Q. Will you help me to improve my credit history?

Ans. Yes, we can help you to improve your individual credit history so that you can get loans in future.

Q. My loans are getting rejected due to my bad credit history, will you help me to get loans?

Ans. We will try and get a loan for you through one of our partners and at the same time help you to improve your individual credit history because of which you loans may be getting rejected.

Q. I am paying multiples EMI’s for different loans, will you be able to help me consolidate these loans.

Ans. Yes, we can help you to restructure your numbers of loans into one single loan.

User Reviews

Rajat Sharma, madhya Pradesh

My loans repayment never gets delay now

“Myfundbucket.com is the best place to pay your all different dept into one payment. I have home loan, personal loan and credit cards payment, due to my busy schedule I use to miss the repayment dates. Thanks to MyFundBucket.com for solving my problem, they restructured my all loans and credit cards payment into one single payment. It became easier for me to pay all the depts. in one payment.

Mohammad Amir, New Delhi

Credit Improvement Services

I was searching on Google credit improvement services, that time I got the link to myfundbucket.com. I process on the website it was easy to access, Same day their expert Nagma called me and explained about credit improvement services clearly. I followed Nagma’s advise which made my credit score good, I am happy that I can apply for loan again. All credit goes to Nagma and myfundbucket.com.

Rooja Shinde, Nashik

Best Loan Enhancement

You people are a kind of life savior, I am thankful to myfundbucket.com and entire team for providing us loan enhancement on existing loan. My parents were worried for my marriage as our financial condition is not up to the mark, we tried several banks and lenders but were not getting loans because we already have loans. My neighbor advice me about your website and I contacted you. From day one your experts started helping with brilliant advice over the call, and helped me getting loan. Now, I am relaxed for my wedding expense, Thanks to myfundbuket.com

Shekar Naidu, Chennai

Love with you service

I got this website reference from a close friend. Myfundbucket.com website is user friendly and their customer service is very good. My purpose was to improve my credit rating which MyFundBucket advisor suggested very well, surprisingly they also helped me to pay my other banks loans and bills into one single payment. I was in need for more loan in which they helped again. Your guys are doing good job please keep it up.