MyFundBucket FAQs

Q: Why MyFundBucket?

You can save a lot of time and Money by applying loans through MyFundBuckets .We have empanelled with all the leading money lending institutes and banks in India and we provide a totally free of cost service. So you can apply for loans in multiples banks and compare the loan rates.

Q: What makes us different?

MyfundBucket gives you the facility to upload your KYC and other documents.You can make a repository of all your important documents .And can access them anytime. This way you can save a lot of time and repetitive process of providing same documents again and again for loan application.

Q: Is it safe to upload my documents on this portal?

All your documents are stored in a highly secured environment. And are right protected., this works on the principle of digital-locker.

Q: How do we help you?

At MyFundBucket, we help you compare loans by banks or financial institutions. We help you to select the best interest rate and help you throughout the process till your loan is sanctioned.

Q: What makes us impartial?

As we are not associated with any bank or financial institution, our analysis is unbiased and is structured to facilitate your decision-making process.

Q: Is my information secure? How will my private information be treated?

We respect your privacy and recognize the need to protect your personal information (for example, name, address and telephone number). The information you enter is integral to your decision-making and we follow appropriate standards to ensure it's security.