With an aim to transform the way you do banking and digitally empowered the society, we have launched a repository feature with digital locker for our esteemed customers. In the current era, where everything is going digital, the repository allows you to keep your important document in a digital manner. Digital locker is featured with online storage, digitally sign and quick sharing of important e-documents. It is a safe locker for all your physical documents.

Access an authentic and comprehensible tool

Digital locker is an important initiative of our company – MFB. It is dependable and easy to use tool that facilitates you to store and share your documents. Repository section aids the users to upload and scan the documents. It is completely secure and user-friendly. Easy user-interface allows the users to upload as well as access the documents without any issue. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge to use this feature.

Eliminate unnecessary wastage

Paper handling is quite time-taking and bothersome. No matter how you keep your documents, there is always a chance of damage or loss, especially when you want to carry them with you. We have introduced this service to eliminate unnecessary wastage of paper, save time and reduce human efforts. It is a centralized system where documents are stored in digital format. There is no possibility of any kind of damage to your documents and risk of getting misplaced. Availing Digital locker service along with repository feature is just like reserving an online space to store all important documents.

Curtail fraud and forgery

A lot of burglars and scammers are active all around to make quick money and to misuse your confidential and important documents. The physical documents can be modified to create fake identities and hide the real one. At MFB, we are quite concerned about these risks and put our level best to avoid them. With repository service, we encourage authentic documentation to minimize fraud and forgery.

Easy and quick access

We understand what our clients expect from us and what they deserve and this is why we offer intelligible services and facilities to our clients. The digital locker is easily accessible anytime and from anywhere. The users can access it through the web portal as and when required. Even, you can access the documents while you are on go, through a mobile app. All it means, you don’t need to carry the physical documents, everything will be accessed and even shared without any trouble.

Sufficient space

We offer enough personal storage space in the digital locker where all the important documents and certificates can be saved in various formats. It supports various formats including PDF, JPG, JPEG, png, bmp and GIF, etc. so that the documents can be shared through email without any issue. In addition to your documents, you can save links and URLs of the documents digitally.

Avail smart e-sign facility

It is an amazing facility of the repository. Many banks ask for signatures on the copies of various documents or self-attestation to carry out various procedures and process the request. You don’t need to sign on the physical documents and then scan them to send online. With e-sign facility, you can simply sign the copies of various documents electronically and share them to the bank and other organizations.

Avail repository service now!

To avail the Digital Locker and repository facility, you just need to get registered with MFB. Once you get enrolled successfully, you can access the repository section to upload all the important documents with ease. Avail Digital Locker and repository facility through MFB now and go digital.


  • Aadhaar Card
  • Affidavit
  • Agreement to Sell
  • Agriculture Income Certificate
  • Agriculture Land Value Certificate
  • Agriculture/ Agriculturist Certificate
  • Apathbandhu Scheme Certificate
  • Appeals On Demarcation
  • Application for License for Inter State Migrant Workmen
  • Application for Registration of Contractor Migrant Workmen license
  • Application for Registration of Motor Transport Worker Registration
  • Application for Renewal of Contractor Migrant Workmen license
  • Application for Renewal of Motor Transport Worker Registration
  • Backward Area Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Bonafide Himachali Certificate
  • BPL Card
  • Caste Certificate
  • Certificate for Sanction of Incentives by Dept of IT and Communication
  • Certificate of Registration of Fish Farm
  • Certificate of Registration of Fisheries Society
  • Certificate of Residence in Hilly Area
  • Certified Copies Issued by Assistent Director /Dy.Tahsildar
  • Certified Copies of Panchanama
  • Certified Copies of Protected Tenant (PT)
  • Certified Copies of Record of Measurement (ROM)
  • Certified Copies of Town Survey Land Register (TSLR)
  • Certified Copy
  • Certified Copy of Electoral Roll
  • Certified Copy of Mutation Order
  • Change of Name Certificate
  • Character Certificate
  • Community and Date of Birth Certificate
  • Community Certificate
  • Conversion Certificate
  • Copy of Nakal Jamabandi/ Nakal Jamabandi with Digitized Maps
  • Copy of Pariwar Register
  • Copy of Shajra Nasab
  • Corrections in Adangal / Pahani
  • Cracker/Storage of Explosive Material License (fresh/ renewal)
  • Creamy - Non Creamy Layer Application
  • Crop Insurance Certificate
  • Crop Seed Distribution Certificate
  • Current Adangal / Pahani
  • Death Certificate
  • Degree Certificate
  • Demarcation Certificate
  • Dependency Certificate
  • Deserted Certificate
  • Destitute Certificate
  • Disabled Person Permanent Identity Card
  • Dogra Class Certificate
  • Domicile Certificate
  • DPR and RFP Training Certificate
  • Driving License
  • E-Passbook Service
  • EBC Certificate
  • Economically Backward In General Caste Certificate
  • eGovernance Leadership Programme Certificate
  • eGovernance Life Cycle Certificate
  • eGovernance Project Management Programme
  • Electricity Bill
  • Electricity Category Load Change Application Certificate
  • Encumbrance Certificate
  • Entertainment Duty Certificate
  • Executive Skill Enhancement Programme
  • Extract of House Site / D-Form Patta Application
  • Extract of NOC Under Explosive / Petroleum Act
  • Extract of Occupancy Rights Certificate (ORC)
  • F-Line Petitions / Sub Division
  • Family Membership Certificate
  • Farm Mechanization Proceeding
  • Freedom Fighter Certificate
  • Govt ID Card
  • GPR and RFP Training Certificate
  • Grant of Licensing and Regulation of Supplies of Kerosene Products
  • Grant of Licensing and Regulation of Supplies of LPG Gas Products
  • Grant of Licensing and Regulation of Supplies of Petroleum Products
  • Hindu Marriage Certificate
  • HSC Marksheet - XII
  • HSC Migration Certificate - XII
  • HSC Passing Certificate - XII
  • Identification Certificate
  • Income Certificate
  • Indigent (Needy Person) Certificate
  • Integrated Certificate
  • Inter-Caste Marriage Certificate
  • Issuance of Fishing Permit
  • Issue of Arm Licence
  • Issue of NOC for Storing of Petroleum Products
  • Issue of Occupancy Rights Certificate for Inam Lands
  • Issue of Small and Marginal Farmer Certificate
  • Issue of Tonch Map
  • Lal Dora Certificate
  • Land Conversion Certificate
  • Land Valuation/ Holding Certificate
  • LandLess Certificate
  • Late Registration of Birth and Death Certificate
  • Latrine Certificate
  • Leave and License Certificate
  • Legal Heir Certificate
  • License (fresh/ renewal) for Fertilizer Sale
  • License (fresh/ renewal) for Pesticide Sale
  • License for Seed Sale
  • Life Certificate
  • Loan Eligibility Card
  • Local Candidate Certificate for Educational Institutional Purpose
  • Localization of Properties (HYD)
  • Location Certificate
  • LPG Subscription Voucher
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Medical Education Certificate
  • Migration Certificate
  • Minority Certificate
  • MNREGA Job Card
  • Money Lending Certificate
  • Mutation + E Pattadar Passbook
  • Name Change Certificate for Electricity Connection
  • National Family Benefit Scheme Certificate
  • Nationality Certificate
  • Nativity Certificate
  • NDLM Certificate Level 1
  • NEET Rank Letter
  • New Electricity Connection Certificate
  • New Electricity Connection For Industries
  • Next of Kin Certificate
  • No Dues Certificate
  • No Earning Member Certificate
  • No Earning Member Certificate
  • No Property Certificate
  • NOC for a Running Business
  • NOC for Construction of Cinema Hall
  • NOC for New Business
  • NOC for New Construction
  • NOC for New Power Supply
  • Non Creamy Layer Certificate
  • Non-Graduate Certificate
  • Non-Remarriage Certificate
  • Nuclear Family Certificate
  • OBC Certificate
  • Old Adangal or Pahani Details
  • One and the Same Certificate
  • Orientation and eGLC Certificate
  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • Pawnbroker Certificate
  • Pension Certificate
  • Permission for Digging Agri / Drinking Well
  • Permission to Run the Benefit Show
  • Photo Identity Card for Slum Dwellers
  • Possession and Non-Attachment Certificate
  • Property Tax Receipt
  • Ration Card
  • Recognized Trainer in eGovernance Certificate
  • Record Outage Certificate
  • Records of Rights
  • Refund of Trade Deposit
  • Registration Certificate for Contract Labour License
  • Registration Certificate for Transporting Petroleum Products
  • Registration Certificate for Transporting Petroleum Products
  • Registration Certificate of Deeds
  • Registration Certificate of Establishment Employing Contract Labour
  • Registration Certificate of Firm
  • Registration Certificate of Society
  • Registration of Vehicles
  • Registration/Renewal of Tutorial or Coaching Institutions Certificate
  • Relationship Certificate
  • Renewal Certificate of Contract Labour License
  • Renewal Certificate of Shops And Commercial Establishment
  • Renewal of Certificate of Registration of Fish Farm
  • Renewal of Cinema Licence
  • Renewal of Licensing and Regulation of Supplies of Kerosene Products
  • Renewal of Licensing and Regulation of Supplies of LPG Gas Products
  • Renewal of Licensing and Regulation of Supplies of Petroleum Products
  • Renewal of Registration Certificate for Transporting Petroleum Products
  • Rent Receipt
  • Residence Certificate
  • RSBY Card
  • Rural Area Certificate
  • SC/ST  Certificate
  • School Registration Certificate
  • Senior Citizen Identity Card/ Certificate
  • Skill Certificate
  • Skill Enhancement Programme Certificate
  • Skill Marksheet
  • Small Family Certificate
  • Small Land Holder Farmer Certificate
  • Soil Testing Card
  • Solvency Certificate
  • SSC Marksheet - X
  • Migration Certificate - X
  • SSC Passing Certificate - X
  • Stamp Vendor License
  • Surviving Member Certificate
  • Telephone Bill
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Unemployment Certificate
  • Valuation Certificate
  • Village Map Copy
  • Voter ID Card
  • Water Bill
  • Widow-Widower Certificate
  • Others


Free Repository Online

What is repository ?

Repository is a feature given by digital locker wherein I can upload my personal and loan documents.

Why is repository necessary ?

In this digitalized world where the world is moving into the cashless economy. We have introduce this feature where in a person can upload their imp documents by taking a scan copy and use this document anytime anywhere from any place through MFB.

How can I access and upload my documents into repository ?

User will have to register his/her account with MFB and then can login to access repository section to upload their imp documents.

What are the list of document I can upload and use them?

User can upload this documents into this repository given in document section.

If you have any queries write us at [email protected]

User Reviews

Ramesh tailor, Vadodara

Secure documents

Myfundbucket.com is the best place to keep important documents online. It’s a kind of digital lock where important documents are kept securely and can be accessible anytime anywhere via internet connection. I am using myfundbucket.com from last 8 months, must say their document security is very good.

Reema Sherawat, Haryana

Best E-Documentation

Going out and getting important document sign is a hectic work. Thanks to myfundbucket.com for solving this problem, I just uploaded soft copy of my all documents including education certificates, official letters, etc they are signed with e-sign facility. This website is very good and convenient, once you start using it then you will know how helpful it is. Now I don’t send my documents via fax and wait for a long time to get my documents signed. Best part is this repository service is free by myfundbucket.com.

Dinesh Das, Kolkata

Best website with e-document service

I like this feature that I can get my important documents anytime from any device. Carrying an original document is very risky, this paperless work is also eco friendly. I have suggested this website to my friends even they are using it.

Sushant Sawant, Pune

Excellent website

I never thought that such services are available where I can keep my important documents online. I am happy with the myfundbucket.com website services, their customer care is also very good. I am planning to take home loan in coming few months, I checked myfundbucket.com loan section and found it very simple to operate.